Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The great white shark, myth or reality?

The great white shark is often known as a man eating monsters that people should be terrified to even think of, thanks to movies like "Jaws" Any marine biologist would tell you that it is a myth or Hollywood fiction.

The great white shark should not be underestimated but respected by any diver. This type of shark can be aggressive but rarely without a reason. Hunger or distress can cause for it to react by attacking but usually, following the first bite, the human victim is freed as the taste is off compared to a seal. Also, this squale can gobble a variety of things, food or not. You could be surprised to find out about the content of a great white shark's stomach.

It has been known to ingest dogs, licence plates, aluminum cans and other surprising elements. One of the thing that can attract this shark is blood, regardless of the hurt prey. If there is a lack of food in a certain area, the great white shark will migrate elsewhere but it will stay around if plenty of food is available.

Often, when the media releases informations about a shark attack, people forget that the odds to be killed by a shark is very remote compare to a car accident, a medical condition or being attacked by another human being.

As a matter of fact, this type of shark has been victimized by humans to the extent of becoming an endangered specie. Some articles are showing the cruelty displayed towards the great white shark and displayed as trophies. Fortunately, this kind of treatment is being punished by law.

I am not suggesting to take a swim with the great white shark but to learn to respect this squale, the way it should be.


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