Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Great white shark's electronic tag recovered

Monterey Bay Aquarium officials announced today that the electronic tag attached to the young great white shark formerly housed at the aquarium has surfaced in Southern California waters.
The tag surfaced approximately 25 miles west of Point Conception in Santa Barbara County right on schedule, according to the aquarium's Vice President for Husbandry Randy Hamilton.

"It's very good news that the tag came free on schedule,'' Hamilton said. "We'll have to wait a while longer to learn exactly where she's been but from all indications she's doing fine back in the wild.''
Researchers will spend the next several weeks analyzing the data from the tag, which should provide details such as where the female shark traveled, the water temperatures and depths she favored.

The shark spent a record 198 days at the aquarium before being released back into the wild on March 31. Approximately 1 million aquarium visitors saw the shark during her time on display.


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