Thursday, July 07, 2005

Nicolette Sheridan, an actress of the Desperate Housewives T.V. Show saves fiance from great white shark!

Nicolette Sheridan impressed fiance NIKLAS SODERBLOM during their first meeting, when she saved his life by attacking a great white shark which was edging towards him.

The actress was admiring Soderblom, then a stranger, surfing in the sea when she observed the shark's fin behind her future love.But the brave 41-year-old risked her life to protect Soderblom from the predator, by racing towards it and punching its face.

She says, "Niklas was on a surfboard and there was a huge great white shark that had come over from Catalina.

"I was doing my daily three-mile swim and I saw this fin and I swam as fast as I could and punched that shark right in the nose, repeatedly. And saved him!"


Blogger Wednes Fri said...

Somehow I think if the shark was just swimming around so that you could swim up to it and punch it, it wasn't really in stealthy attack mode.

12:12 PM  

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