Monday, August 01, 2005

Benchley, author of "Jaws" tells truth about sharks in "Shark Life"

OK, kids, go ask your parents if a guy named Peter Benchley knows anything about sharks, then wait for their reaction.

More than 30 years ago Benchley wrote a novel called ''Jaws,'' about a great white shark that terrorized a small beach town. It was turned into a movie that kept a generation of kids out of the ocean.

Now Benchley has written a book based on his own experiences with sharks. Unlike ''Jaws,'' these stories are all true.

While there are hair-raisingly scary stories about the shark that tried to eat through Benchley's supposedly shark-proof cage, this book also sets the record straight about the supposed eating machines of the deep.

Read this book before you go to the beach (or even at the beach) and you'll know a lot about sharks and even more about how to stay safe in the water.


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