Friday, August 26, 2005

History of shark attacks in Australia

Fatal shark attacks in South Australian waters:

2005: Aug 24 - Male diver killed by shark off Adelaide's Glenelg beach.

2004: Dec 16 - 18-year-old surfboarder Nick Peterson is killed by a great white shark off West Beach, on the metropolitan coast.

2002: April 30 - Scallop diver Paul Buckland, 23, killed at Smoky Bay, near Ceduna, while diving for scallops.

2000: Sept 25 - Jevan Wright, 17, taken by a shark while surfing at Blacks Point on SA's west coast.

2000: Sept 24 - New Zealand surfer Cameron Bayes, 25, taken by a great white while surfing at Cactus Beach south of Penong.

1999: May 29 - Sailboarder Tony Donaghue, 22, taken off Hardwicke Bay, Yorke Peninsula.

1998: June - Douglas Chesser, 26, killed after being attacked by a shark off Neptune Island while diving for abalone.

1991: Sept - Adelaide university student Jonathon Lee, 19, killed by a white pointer while diving off Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide.

1989: March - Surfer Matt Foale, 27, killed at Waitpinga Beach near Victor Harbour, about 80km south of Adelaide.

1987: Sept - Professional diver Terry Gibson, 47, killed while diving for scallops near Marino Rocks off Adelaide's southern suburbs.

1985: March - Shirley Anne Durdin, 33, bitten in half by a six-metre white pointer while snorkelling at Peake Bay on Eyre Peninsula.

1975: Feb - Wade Shippard, 12, taken by a shark while swimming at Penong on SA's west coast.

1974: Jan - Terence Manuel, 25, dies after a shark tears off his leg in waters off Streaky Bay on the west coast.

1971: Fisherman Leslie Harris, 52, dies of heart failure after a shark attacks him in his boat off Port Patterson, south of Port Augusta.

1962: March - Geoffrey Corner, 16, killed by a shark off Normanville, south of Adelaide.

1926: March - Primrose White killed while swimming off Adelaide's Brighton Beach.


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