Saturday, May 06, 2006

Accidentally caught by fisherman, a large great white shark will be displayed!

Mote Marine Laboratory's famed shark-research center is getting larger with the addition of a 9-foot "great white shark."

Caught of California, the female white shark died when snared by fishermen accidentally. It was given to Mote and now will join two small, young white sharks that are on display to visitors.

Said Mote: "The white shark display will be part of an expanded shark exhibit designed to highlight Mote's extensive history of shark research, which dates back to the lab's creation in 1955."
Staff began this week to expand the center's exhibit to include the new white shark.

White sharks are commonly known as "great white sharks" and were featured in Peter Benchley's novel, "Jaws," and the movie by the same name.

Dr. Robert Hueter said white sharks are occasionally spotted in the Gulf of Mexico during the winter months, but "mostly in deeper waters, thank heavens."

The expanded white-shark exhibit is planned to teach the public the differences between facts and fictions of the white sharks.


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