Sunday, August 27, 2006

Beach closed during busy weekend due to shark sighting

A shark sighting in Avila forces officials there to close the beach during a busy summer weekend.
Last night a shark, thought to be a great white, was spotted about a mile offshore.

Two fishermen reported seeing the shark just off the side of the pier next to a boat launch.
Harbor patrol immediately closed the beach to all swimmers, leaving some people hanging out to dry.

"We always go in. I do at least, to body surf and body board or cool down. So, it's sad," said Kara Miller.

"I probably wouldn't go in if there were a shark in the water. It's not something I'm willing to take a risk for," said Robert Allen.
Just last month, the year's first confirmed great white shark sighting was reported.

That shark was spotted about four miles southwest of the Pismo pier.


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