Sunday, October 29, 2006

Great White shark spotter a few hundred meters from swimmers

The five metre white pointer was seen by an aerial surveillance team this morning and water police were able to guide the shark out to sea – but not before it had come within 300m of five of Perth's most popular beaches.

"It (the shark) would have covered probably five our most popular beaches," Nine Network reporter Michael Thompson told Sky News.

"So it would have cruised past, literally, thousands and thousands of beachgoers."

Mr Thompson said a glorious morning had meant beaches, including Scarborough and Trigg, were inundated by swimmers and surfers.

"Absolutely perfect beach weather... lots of people just down to enjoy the sunshine and go for a swim."

Thompson said some people refused to leave the water, even after alarms were sounded.
"After people were told to leave the beaches and when the helicopter is hovering over a shark 300m off the shore, some people are still wanting to surf and still swim in the water."

The beaches reopened at about 10.30am (WST).


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