Sunday, April 22, 2007

Great white shark from Monterey Bay Aquarium is swimming in Mexican waters

The great white shark that spent the fall and part of the winter in the Monterey Bay Aquarium is spending its spring off the coast of Cabo San Lucas.

Aquarium officials said an electronic tag that had been attached to the shark before its release in January has floated to the surface in waters near the southern tip of Baja California.

Because the tag was designed to pop free after 90 days, aquarium officials are assuming the shark is in healthy condition.

The young shark was captured in August, then housed in a giant tank at Monterey Bay Aquarium.
It grew to more than 6 feet long and about 170 pounds before it was released into the Pacific.
The shark was the second great white to be exhibited by the aquarium and then released.
The first one also had a tag, but it was timed for release after 30 days.


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