Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dead Great White shark and other marine life washed up on shore!

With the recent rise in marine mammal carcasses washing on shore along the Oregon Coast, local state park officials are left figuring out what's causing the sudden increase in deaths.Over recent weeks, a number of marine mammals, including a Great White shark, sea lions and most recently, a Humpback whale, have been washing on shore, most decomposed and already dead.

Calum Stevenson, a Coastal Coordinator for the South Coast from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, says there are a number of factors that could be contributing to this recent phenomenon.

And, he says the young male Humpback whale appears to have been dead for many weeks before washing on shore.At 40 tons, and located in a remote area, the animal is too large to move, and as a result, it will continue to decompose on the beach until it is carried back to sea.Stevenson advises people to stay away from the mammal and let it take its natural course.


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