Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Warmer water temperature expected to attract more sharks

More shark sightings are expected at Sydney beaches this summer because of rising sea temperatures and greater fish stocks.

Swimmers had to be evacuated yesterday from Wanda and Cronulla beaches, in southern Sydney, after four hammerhead sharks were spotted 30 metres from the shore.

Lifeguards were alerted and used an inflatable rescue boat to drive the sharks out to sea.
But Harry Mitchell, from Shark Aerial Patrol, says swimmers need to be aware of the danger.
"Between the end of November and the end of March, we see lots of sharks coming closer to shore," he said.

"We do have these dangers in our waters and our familiar red-and-yellow airplanes in the air will alert out beach safety providers and the community enjoying their recreation on the beaches."
Mr Mitchell says sharks are attracted by warmer water temperatures and the fish around the estuaries.

"The hot spots are the beaches that are very close to estuaries," he said
"There seems to be a greater prevalence of shark activity in those areas because of the fish stocks that are in those areas."


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