Saturday, February 09, 2008

Was the baby porpoise victim of a Great White shark?

These savage bite marks are feared to be the work of a huge killer shark - possibly a Great White - that is prowling the UK's coastline.

The mutilated baby porpoise's body was found on a beach. It is thought to be its third victim in four weeks after a seal was washed up nearby and another porpoise was found bitten in half.
Walker Aileen Mobbs said: "It was gruesome. I'm no expert, but you have to wonder what is out there."

Chris Hogg, who also saw the body, said: "It looks like a bite and something with a very big mouth and razor-sharp pointed teeth."

The porpoise was found at Scratby, Norfolk, last Friday.

The National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, which will study the pictures, has already confirmed the seal found dead at Sheringham, Norfolk, last month could have been killed by a shark.


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