Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shark Week is BACK!

For the last 21 years, Discovery channel is presenting the famous and exciting Shark Week! What is Shark Week? This is a week long series of shows and documentaries focusing on sharks. During the week of July 27 up to August 2, 2008, you will be able to view a variety of shows about sharks, their myths, the touching stories of shark attack survivors and so much more.

If you are a shark lover, just like me, you will LOVE all that Shark Week has to offer you! This is a feast for the senses and the brain as facts and myths will offer you a combo to die for! Put it down on your calendar, visit their website and select the shows and documentaries that tickle your interest but beware of the impressive variety as you need more than one VCR to record all the shows that you will crave to watch. Seriously...DON'T MISS "SHARK WEEK" on DISCOVERY CHANNEL. It's a MUST!


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