Saturday, November 08, 2008

Great White causes fright

A FISHERMAN terrorised by a shark for half an hour off the Henley Beach coast yesterday said he predicted a "horrific summer" ahead.

Boat owner Lucio Signore, his 10-year-old son David, Joe Garreffa and Vince Vozzo were fishing for garfish between Henley and Grange about 4km from the shore when the shark swam into the motor.

It was the second shark sighting in a week with a great white shark spotted about near West Lakes Shore last Saturday.

But keen fisherman Mr Signore – who also saw the shark last week – said this was not the same shark.

"It was bigger, it was at least four to four and a half metres," he said.

"I see the occasional shark but to see two sharks in one week is just unbelievable.

"I've probably seen about half sharks in 20 years of fishing those waters.

"I think it could be a horrific summer, it doesn't look good I've never seen them that close."

Mr Garreffa yesterday described their frightening ordeal.

"Little David had his line cast out and he actually had a fish on the line and was bringing it in and then then shark just went straight for the motor and hit the back motor, but the motor was off," he said.

"Then it just swam under the boat and came back again several times, he was trying to bite the motor."

As the shark held the boat captive by bumping the boat, the savvy passengers decided to pull up the anchor and allow the boat to slowly drift before making their quick get-a-way.

"It was quite a unique experience, exhilarating I would say," Mr Garreffa said.

"I just could not believe how close we were and how close it was to the shore.

Mr Signore warned.

"I've just never seen anything like this before," Mr Signore said.

"I don't get too frightened very often but this one here put the shivers up my spine."


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