Saturday, July 04, 2009

Great White shark's close encounter with teenage surfers in New South Wales!

A group of teenagers on the New South Wales far south coast say they'll keep surfing despite a big white pointer shark crusing the area.

The young surfers came within a metre of the 5m to 6m shark that has been sighted between Merimbula's bar and Pambula Beach over the past week.

One of the surfer's fathers, Pambula Surf Lifesaving President Don Hay says the boys were unsettled by the incident but realise it is a risk they take.

"As the boys said, if it'd wanted to eat them, they couldn't have done anything about it", he said.

"So it was obvious that the shark saw them and didn't realise it was dinner time, I suppose, which is obviously a great thing".


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