Saturday, January 02, 2010

Facts about the Great White shark

Great white shark is the most dangerous shark in the sea. This shark can be seen in all the oceans

in the world. However, the largest in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the United States. This dangerous sharks have very large teeth and her teeth and can be up to 23 centimeters.

This Shark can be long and more than 12 meters which means that this animal is one of the largest shark that now exist in the ocean. To see this huge shark is enough to go with a boat to a destination in the Atlantic Ocean and set the bait near the boat that will easily lure sharks and it will come to feed.

Great white shark feeds on

all that she found on the road and mainly carnivorous. This Shark is the only carnivore and they eat nothing but meat. This large predator can be difficult and up to 16 tons which makes it one of the most difficult mammals that live in the sea.

Shark is very fast and can reach speeds of 25 miles per hour which enables each to catch your prey. Great white shark eat turtles, other sharks, seals, dolphins and all the fish that exist in the sea and ocean.

This predator is very dangerous to humans, and if a man is found in water near the dangerous sharks would be in big trouble. If you go with your boat or yacht to sail an ocean it will follow your ship in search of food.

Today, Great White Sharks saturated types and are not allowed to love because many years ago were much more numerous and their number amounts to over one million until now in the world by some estimates, there are only about 200,000 of these large and dangerous animals.

Were frequent cases of attacks the people of the Great White, while today cases are rare because they are everywhere in America on the beaches designated as the beach would be a warning to all tourists who come on holiday for all other information about the Shark, you can visit a blog that talks about where they live and what the food as well as everything else about this shark.

Blog is created for all lovers of the Great White Sharks and contains a lot of pictures of this dangerous and beautiful animals.


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