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How to prevent a shark attack?

A man in a kayak is surprised by the sudden presence of a great white shark.
Could it become a great white shark attack?Posted by Hello

To prevent a shark attack you should follow these important steps.

  • Do not swim alone as sharks are more likely to attack an individual than a group of people.

  • Do not swim to far away from the shore as it is more difficult to reach the shore or ask for help if you are further from the beach.

  • Do not swim at night, sunset or sunrise at the sharks are more active and have a sensory advantage at these times.

  • Do not go for a swim if you have an open wound or are have your menstrual period as the smell of blood can be noticed from far away and will attract sharks.

  • Avoid wearing shiny jewelry at is resembles the shine of fish scales.

  • Avoid swimming in waters where sewage from fishermen are being evacuated and where baits or feeding may be present as it attracts sharks. Seabirds are a good indicator of such activity and content.

  • Spotting porpoises do not mean that sharks are present but as both eat often the same food, you want be careful in these areas.

  • Avoid swimming in murky waters.

  • Also avoid bright colors and uneven tanning as high contrasts are easily noticed by sharks.

  • Erratic movements and excessive splashing from both humans and pets attract sharks.

  • Beware of swimming between sandbars and steep dropoffs as they represent favourite areas for sharks.

  • Do not enter water if sharks are present and get out of the water if sharks are spotted while you are there.

  • Never harass a shark!


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That's an excellent list. I'm holding on to that! (Though we here in Michigan have little to fear from GW sharks!)

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