Saturday, June 11, 2005

Exciting sighting of a great white shark

A local fisherman says he snagged a great white shark off the coast of St. Augustine."I've seen a lot of other sharks. This is the last thing I've ever expected to see," said Tom Trout.Trout went fishing with a friend and their two sons some fifty miles out when something big yanked on the fishing pole.

Trout believes he had a great white shark about sixteen feet long on the other end of his line.Trout says he let the shark swim around the boat for awhile before cutting it loose."At one point I was going to get on the bow of the boat and take better pictures.

I said, 'Bad idea!' I didn't want to be shark bait."Trout says he is thrilled to have his son and their friends there to see the shark."It's something very few people get to experience. It's an experience of a lifetime."


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