Saturday, May 06, 2006

Reward for great white shark tracker

More evidence that great whites are patrolling Hawaii waters: experts in California say a tracking device they put on one of the creatures has come off near the Big Island.

Now they're offering a big reward for the person that finds it.

The satellite device was attached to a 13-foot great white and helped scientists track the shark's 2,500 mile journey.

They're asking everyone to keep an eye out for a cigar-shaped object with antennas. It could be floating or washed up on shore.

"It was set up to come off in October and it came off early," said Nicole Nasby-Lucas with the Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research. "Apparently the shark traveled from Baja to the Big Island of Hawaii."

Find the device and you could be rewarded with $500. Contact information is on the satellite tracker.


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