Friday, November 03, 2006

Great White shark season has started in Australia

It's official! The shark season has started with a 4 metre white pointer spotted off Trigg Beach this weekend.

The shark spotter plane noticed it before 8am on Saturday morning when it was seen about 100 metres from the shore.

They notified the water police who sent a patrol out where it was confirmed that the shark was a White Pointer or Great White.

The shark was tracked for an hour until the police and a surf life saving patrol lost sight of it while the plane was refueled.

It's believed that the shark was chasing dolphins. Trigg beach was closed for about 90 minutes before the all clear was given a little later at 9.30am.

This isn't the first time that a White Pointer has been spotted in the last few days, another one was sighted by fishermen a couple of days ago.

Last summer 57 sharks were spotted but only two were considered to be a threat to swimmers. One of those was a massive five or six metre white pointer seen off Mindarie.


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