Sunday, May 20, 2007

Great White Shark is haunting Champion Bay

The Department of Fisheries is cautioning water users in the Champion Bay area near Geraldton, in Western Australia's mid-west, following a number of shark sightings.

The department says a great white shark has been seen circling a number of boats in Champion Bay over the last few weeks.

The bay is a popular spot for kite surfers, divers, fishermen and swimmers.

Department manager Greg Finlay says people need to use commonsense when in the water.
"We just encourage people to have responsible boating and diving and fishing, and abide by all boating and swimming practices and everyone should be OK," he said.

Mr Finlay says water users need to be aware of the steps they can take to reduce the risk of a shark attack.

"We recommend that people don't swim early in the morning or late in the evening," he said.
"If there's blood or offal in the water, then don't go in the water.

"If there's large schools of fish, they can see, I suppose, things in the water that may attract a shark - they don't go in the water."


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