Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cage diving with sharks is now possible for non-divers

Incredible Adventures now has two shark diving adventures specifically designed to accommodate those with limited or no dive experience. By staffing trips with certified dive instructors and employing the use of onboard air supply systems and custom-built protective shark cages, the company makes it possible for more individuals to experience the thrill of seeing sharks in their natural environments.

Individuals can choose from two very different shark diving experiences. The first is a one day adventure within San Francisco's Gulf of the Farallones Marine Sanctuary. There, the goal is to witness great white sharks as they feed on the elephant seals that populate the Farallon Islands from September until November. The water is cold and often murky but the great white sharks are huge adults, averaging 15 - 20 ft in length. Cage diving operations take place within protected waters, so no feeding of sharks or chumming the waters is permitted. Incredible Adventures employs the use of seal decoys to boost the number of shark sightings.

The second adventure takes place in the Bahamas at an offshore location known as "Tiger Beach". There, the goal is to see the large tiger sharks that gather in the waters off Grand Bahama Island's West End. Although tiger sharks are the featured attraction, cage divers can also expect to see lemon sharks, reef sharks and the occasional hammerhead shark. In the Bahamas, the water is relatively warm and visibility is high, making it the preferred location for photographers hoping to capture underwater images of sharks.

The cost to cage dive is $875 per person and includes expert instruction and the use of necessary dive equipment. Those who prefer to stay dry pay $375 for a topside trip. Space is limited and many dates sell out so advance booking is mandatory. For more information, contact Incredible Adventures at 800-644-7382 or visit the company's website:


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