Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pro Surfer has an encounter with Great White shark!

I saw a shark,” Lowe said (AUS - currently ranked 35 on the ASP tour). “Phil caught a wave and while the wave was feathering across from Boneyards, I saw it. It did a U-turn to head back and it was no dolphin, it had a girth on it. I saw its white belly and I’ve never seen one before, but I have seen them on the TV and that’s exactly what it looked like.”

“Lowe spotted a shark, claiming it was a great white and we know they are out there so I was sort of freaked out,” Burrow said. “I think they introduced a new rule today, if you see a shark, you wave your hands in the air, point at the water and head in. When the Beach Marshall gave me my singlet and told me to do that if I saw a shark, I was like ‘what!’ It was pretty freaky. I am glad I didn’t have to put my hands in the air that heat!”


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