Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Great White sharks sighted near Cayucos Pier, in California

A shark sighting on the Central Coast prompts a warning: enter at your own risk.

The Cayucos Fire Department received a credible report of a possible great white shark. It was spotted off the Cayucos Pier at 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

The on duty officer who recieved the report, Howard Sanford, says someone was just strolling on the pier enjoying a sunny day when they looked over the railing and saw what's described as a sixteen foot great white shark.

To prevent an unnecessary panic in the water, the Sanford asked the witness to complete a check list.

Sanford described some of the questions he asked:

"Size, the type of dorsal fin, if its triangular in shape, the type of tail fin the motions they see the shark making."

This sighting checked out and was deemed credible.

One local fisherman sounded surpised to hear the news: "Seals have been out there otters, I haven't seen any sharks."

While he has no fish tale to tell, fishermen know where there's prey there are bound to be predators.

"There seems to be fish, my grandson caught three right in a row which is a little rare these days."
According to our records, the last reported shark sighting was in Cambria waters back in July.
Two Great Whites were spotted in the area less than a week apart.


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