Sunday, November 23, 2008

Australia: 18 foot Great White shark sighted near Kiah River's mouth

An 18-foot great white shark was spotted cruising near the Kiah River mouth by local salmon fishermen Roger Fourter, Peter ‘Mozzie’ Stevens and fisherwomen Julie Fourter last week.
Mr Stevens said “it was bigger than the fishing boat’s net boat which is about 16 feet.

“When we saw it, it was about a third of the way down from the Kiah river mouth to Moutries reef.
“There was wake coming off it and then its fin rose out of the water.

“It was about 15 foot off shore then it turned and went back out to the middle of the bay.”

The sighting has deterred Mr Stevens from participating in the annual lobster season.

“I usually go lobster diving this time of year but I leased my quota to a bloke up north.”

In a separate report given to National Parks and Wildlife Service the shark was seen inside the river mouth, feeding on Australian salmon.

The sighting comes almost two years after ex-abalone diver Eric Nerhus fought his way from the mouth of a great white after being attacked while abalone diving off Cape Howe, south of Eden.


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