Sunday, December 21, 2008

Could it be the same Great White shark?

A fisherman on the far south coast of New South Wales says he has been menaced by a large great white shark off Eden.

Allen Roberts of Pambula says he was 300 metres offshore last week when he encountered a shark he says was equal in size to his six-metre runabout.

"A great white had hold of the sea anchor and came straight at the boat," he said.
Local fishermen have reported similar incidents on the south coast in recent years.
Two years ago, a big shark towed a small fishing boat almost a kilometre out to sea near Montague Island, off Narooma.

There has been some local speculation that it might be the same shark.

Shark expert Rodney Fox says it is almost certainly not.

"It is probably lots of different sharks that are passing through of similar size," he said.
"They haven't got a number plate."

He says the species is known to travel thousands of kilometres in a relatively short period.


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