Saturday, January 31, 2009

Traveller will tell all about trip and experiences, even with Great White sharks

FORMER Herald writer and sub-editor Caroline Merry has embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, spending seven months travelling the world in search of sun, sea and unforgettable scenery.

Caroline, 24, has quit her job in journalism, selling her beloved VW Beetle to raise funds for the trip which will last a total of 283 days and include countless countries, cultures and sights ranging from Table Mountain to Ayer's Rock, Victoria Falls to the 'killing fields' of Cambodia.

Her adventure begins in Johannesburg – the starting-point of a camping safari that will see Caroline cross Zambia, Botswana and Namibia before finishing in cosmopolitan Cape Town.

The 25-day trip includes some nights spent sleeping under the stars, spying on Africa's predators on night drives and even braving a great white shark cage.

Next Caroline will journey to Singapore where she'll set off for North Thailand, stopping in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam to trek through jungles, ride elephants and take in the stunning scenery of these parts before heading to Bali to work on her tan and try out the surf.

The next stop on Caroline's whistle-stop tour of the world will be Australia. Here she hopes to dive the Great Barrier Reef, stand in the shade of Ayer's Rock and get the perfect postcard picture at Sydney Opera House.

The final stop will be New Zealand, where sand will be replaced by snow and Caroline can hit the slopes for a spot of snowboarding before returning home.

You can read Caroline's latest blog online now by clicking here.


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