Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shark attacks in Australia, one ended in tragedy!

There have been several shark attacks in Australia this summer.

An Australian man fought off a shark as he snorkelled near Sydney, freeing his leg from its jaws with a punch. Steven Foggarty, 24, was bitten on his right leg by the bull shark as he snorkelled in the mouth of Lake Illawarra, suffering 40 puncture wounds to his calf.

A surfer punched a five-metre shark in the head as he rescued his 13-year-old cousin who had been bitten on the leg and dragged beneath the water off Tasmania. Syb Mundy, 20, put the girl onto his surfboard with him and paddled into shore.

In another near-tragedy a surfer on Australia's northeast coast survived a shark bite and paddled himself to shore with a 40-centimetre gash in his left thigh. Jono Beard, 31, was surfing with friends when he was bitten. He paddled for 80 metres to the shore, all the while shadowed by the shark.

A 51-year-old Australian man was killed by a Great White Shark on December 27 while he was snorkelling off a beach south of Perth in Western Australia.


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