Saturday, January 01, 2011

Canadian Government intend to protect the Great White Shark even more!

If you have seen the movie "Jaws" you know what a Great White shark is...or at least, you have a partial idea of what it is. I say this because the movie is only based on some facts but mostly on fiction. Hollywood took a large fish and made people terrified of them. What are the facts that were "right" in the movie? The appearance, the name, the type of teeth and...that's pretty much it!

You see, the Great White shark is a species consider to be at risk, thanks to that movie! Its population dangerously decreased following its new, unwanted Hollywood fame. In fact, protective laws have been created in numerous countries worldwide, in order to prevent their extinction as they were hunted down, as they were now seen as human eating machines. If you know anything about the Great White shark, you know that most of the information shared by the movie has nothing to do with reality. This shark is more likely to flee humans than eat them. We are too bony for them and don't have that tasty blubber that whales and seals have.

Most people are unaware that 32 Great White sharks have been caught off the Canadian coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in the last 30 years. Most have been accidentally caught by fishermen, some by trade, others by sport.

While it is illegal to intentionally catch a Great White shark, the Canadian government intends to create more laws to help protect this species from extinction.

I must say that when I read something like this from my own government, it makes me proud to be Canadian. Hopefully, this action will lead to other countries adopting the same attitude...worldwide.