Friday, June 23, 2006

Cousteau's great white submarine did not fool a real one!

A shark attack involving Fabien Cousteau -- captured on film off the coast of Mexico -- will be aired as part of an upcoming CBS documentary special.

"Shark: Mind of a Demon, with Fabien Cousteau," set to air on June 28, will feature famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau's grandson Fabien as he attempts to swim with great white sharks, "Entertainment Tonight" reported.

The one-hour documentary was made, in part, to dispel the image of sharks as violent. Fabien Cousteau, who is joined by his sister Celine Cousteau on the project, uses a special "shark submarine" to swim with the dangerous creatures. The vehicle reportedly allows its user to imitate the appearance and motions of a great white shark, "Entertainment Tonight" said.


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