Saturday, November 04, 2006

Prime time for diving with Great White sharks

The MV Islander currently situated 210 miles southwest of San Diego, California at famed Great White shark site Isla Guadalupe reported back this morning they had entered into the “Time of the Titans.”Luke Tipple, dive operations manager for Shark Diver, reported the arrival of two new 17 foot female Great White sharks today. “

They were absolutely magnificent,” says Tipple, “Prime examples of breeding aged white sharks, probably topping out at least 2500 pounds each. The first female glided by our divers with a tail slap to the port cage that shook a few fillings loose.”Eco-adventurer and Shark Diver CEO Patric Douglas was thrilled at the news. “We’ve been documenting the arrival of much larger sharks in late Oct and early November each season, just around Halloween each year.”

From early shark tracking data, the Shark Diver crew along with researchers from CICIMAR and UC Davis are discovering that these females appear to be feeding on the local population of Guadalupe Fur Seals. At this time in the season the young pups are swimming close to the coastline. Unfortunately for them it’s where the large sharks are also hunting.There are few places in the world that feature consistent sightings and interactions with Great White sharks as Isla Guadalupe.

Douglas speculates that a divers' best chance for seeing sharks as long as 18 feet (or more) is in November. As he and his team have discovered with past Great White shark diving off the coast of California and off the Oregon coastline, sharks of that size don't just wander around aimlessly - they are destination animals, just like any migratory species.To see Great White Sharks in action in November, call Shark Diver at 888.405.3268 or visit to book your trip today.

About Shark DiverSince 2002, Shark Diver has introduced divers of all ages to the extraordinary world of cage diving with Great White Sharks. In the last few years, Shark Diver has expanded to offer cage diving trips with Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas, Giant Squid encounters, Whales Sharks in Honduras, as well as deep-dive submarine trips to see giant deep water sharks in Roatan.

CEO Patric Douglas is a natural born eco-adventurer, who started his career in the U.S. Virgin Islands in hotel tourism, spent two years as a tour guide in Vietman, Bali, Hong Kong, Australia/New Zealand and Latin America, served as an outdoor reporter for CBS in San Francisco, and founded an outdoor adventure club called "Absolute Adventures," which continues to thrive in San Francisco today.

For the past several years, Douglas has dedicated his life to providing educational and interactive experiences for clients through shark diving. In addition, Shark Diver is partially funding efforts to preserve the habitat and safely study the Great White shark species at Isla Guadalupe. For more information on Shark Diver and Patric Douglas, visit


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