Friday, September 05, 2008

Giant Great White shark tooth was found on the beach

A TOOTH from a massive Great White shark found on a British beach has raised fresh fears that the man-eaters are circling our shores.

The razor-sharp fang measured 6cms — nearly 2½ins. That means the beast it came from was probably about 20ft long.

The tooth is out there ... shark fang found on beach

Walker Steve Smith spotted the tooth at low tide near the Menai Strait, in Anglesey, North Wales — an area popular with canoeists and surfers.

Steve, 45, said: “I couldn’t believe the size of it. That’s what grabbed my attention.

“I was walking with my brother and it was just there, right in front of us.

“I do a lot of kayaking in that area. They also do a lot of surfing there. I’m sure this will scare some people.”

The discovery earlier this month came as millions of people were on UK beaches during the summer holidays.


It adds to mounting evidence that Great Whites, more normally found off Australia and America, are moving into British waters.

Experts shown the tooth by The Sun were impressed.

Steve Matchett, curator at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, said: “It certainly looks like a Great White’s tooth.” Fish Biologist Rachel Ball, from the National Museum of Liverpool, said: “It looks like a lower jaw tooth, with the serrated edge, from a Great White.

Jaws for thought ... Menai Strait beach where tooth was found

“The size indicates it’s reasonably close to full size — six or seven metres (19 to 22ft).”

It follows a possible sighting of a Great White last week by a North Sea oil rig crew off the coast of Aberdeen.

The man-eater was snapped by a remote-controlled sub, leading an expert to claim it was “an important sighting”.

Last summer The Sun published pictures of what is believed to have been a Great White off the Cornish coast.

And in January a mutilated seal was washed up in Norfolk. It is thought to have been bitten by a huge shark.


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