Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here are a few shark species!

There are about 66 species of shark in New Zealand waters and only a few are considered dangerous.

They include:

Great white:

The best known and most feared shark is also the one responsible for the highest number of attacks worldwide and in New Zealand. Great whites breed around northern New Zealand, and move south into colder waters around seal colonies as they mature. Great whites grow as long as six metres and over 2000kg.

Short-fin mako:

The world's fastest shark, makos have been clocked at around 50km/h. They are prized by big-game fisherman for their fight when hooked. Mako sharks grow to around two metres long and 200kg.

Blue shark:

One of the most abundant oceanic sharks, blue sharks are generally docile but they have killed people in the past. They are often found in schools segregated by sex and size. Blue sharks can grow to almost four metres and around 150kg.

Bronze whaler:

A reputation in Australia for unprovoked attacks on people and have been responsible for two non-fatal attacks in New Zealand. They also come inshore during spring and early summer to breed and are reportedly often seen in large schools. Bronze whalers grow to around three metres long and weigh up to 300kg.


Growing up to six metres in length, hammerhead sharks are notable for their distinct hammer-shaped head. Large hammerheads can be dangerous to people.

Tiger shark:

Second only to great whites in terms of the threat they pose to humans and their number of attacks worldwide. Tiger sharks are rare in New Zealand but grow up to four metres and 900kg.


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